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Troubled To Trained: All dogs need a leader they can trust

Troubled To Trained: All dogs need a leader they can trust



  • Product Information
    • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (November 24, 2017)
    • Language: English
    • Paperback: 70 pages
    • Item Weight: 4.1 ounces
    • Dimensions : 6 x 0.16 x 9 inches



    Troubled to Trained was written by a dog trainer who specializes in correcting severe aggressive behaviors in troubled dogs. The author has spent years developing strategies which target the cause of these aggressions in order to correct the problems. He has been successful in correcting behaviors so dangerous, that he was the dog's last hope. Not only have his methods been proven effective, but his ability to train these dogs is amazing! This book teaches "Why dogs behave the way they do" so that any dog owner can easily understand. The reader will learn how different a dog's world is from a human's world... and why dog behaviors that frustrate owners the most are instinct-based, thus the problems are reversed through instinct as well. Learning how to communicate with dogs "in a language they understand" is the key to relieving them of the troubles they experience. Yes, many dogs are trapped in a confusing cycle... they are dogs, but when they do what their instinct tells them is "good"... they aren't praised as they would expect... but, rather punished. This book provides the perfect solutions to common dilemmas. He clearly explains why dogs resort to their natural instincts, to begin with, and how to eliminate the problems as a result. Step by step, he goes through specific aggressive behaviors, walks you through the exercises he recommends to correct the problems, and explains in detail how to prevent your dog from developing unwanted behaviors. You will learn the basic "Leadership & Trust" principle that applies to your everyday co-existence with dogs. You will be relieved to discover solutions to the behavior problems you have accepted in defeat... only because you felt you had no other choice. Troubled To Trained is a tool to equip you with everything you need to live in perfect harmony with your dog. You will be surprised to learn what your dog has been trying to communicate to you all along! The author doesn't let you feel guilty for not having understood the problems, or for having dealt with them in a way that only made matters worse. He is a kind and gentle writer who wants to help as many people as he can realize the communication gap between dogs and their owners... and provide solutions to the conflicting issues that have developed as result. Each chapter includes a variety of interesting scenarios, actual cases, and touching stories from personal experience. You will be encouraged at the positive attitude that is evident on every page. You will even be introduced to "Superstar Sonja" who is pictured on the front cover... you will feel the pain of her existence prior to her rescue, and then the thrill of her amazing shows in front of live audiences. Here is the link to one of her shows: - If you are a dog owner, this is one book you will certainly love! Also, the author connects you with "Operation Second Chance"... the rescue program through which he works to restore the trust that dogs need to have in their humans, and works toward them being eligible to find a "Forever Home" ... Yes, All Dogs Need A Leader They Can Trust ... One last thing about the author... he has designated a portion of the proceeds from each copy of Troubled to Trained purchased to go back into the Jail Dog Program through which he makes a difference in the lives of dogs every day... in a personal way. INTRODUCTION by Shane Hawkins: "Having a TROUBLED or disobedient dog can be frustrating & nerve-racking.. especially if your dog won’t listen to you. Unwanted behavior such as biting, barking, growling, begging, & jumping up on people, are natural behaviors common to dogs. So (naturally) your dog will rely upon his own instincts until he knows that you have the situation under control. Most dog owners don’t understand why their dog behaves the way it does… As a result, dog owners tend to accept the unwanted behavior their dogs exhibit without ever realizing the source of the problem… or the solution."